Clenbutrol’s safety record: How this legal alternative highlights the true dangers of Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol has gained quite a reputation over the years but there have been concerns about its safety because of it is such a strong anabolic steroid and should only be available by prescription. The idea of Crazy Bulk’s Clenbutrol supplement being a “prescription free alternative for obesity”, as they themselves call it, will be interesting […]

Stacking Clenbutrol: Which Crazy Bulk products compliment this interesting supplement?

Creating a fitness regime, whether you are a bodybuilder looking to work on particular areas or form or any other sporting individual or competitor, can be a complicated process of trial and error and careful management. There is rarely a single product or technique to provide optimal results and the key to success is to […]

What can you expect to gain by taking the legal steroid Clenbutrol?

When a steroid is as popular as Clenbuterol and it has so many claims to its name – asthma drug, weight loss aid and performance enhancement substance – there is always going to be a mixture of hope and scepticism about a legal supplement alternative that claims to be milder and safer to use but […]

The Clenbutrol Formula

How is this natural alternative such a beneficial formula? Bodybuilding enthusiasts and top retailers like Crazy Bulk are keen to promote the supplement Clenbutrol via three key benefits that it has over its steroid equivalent: it is much safer to take with a very minimal risk of side-effects, it is significantly easier to take as a […]

Why has Clenbutrol gained so much popularity in recent years

Once upon a time, it was Clenbuterol that was the popular product for weight loss and performance enhancement, despite the requirement of prescriptions and the potential dangers that the steroid brought, and this hype was only heightened by the celebrities using it in their own attempts to stay skinny and toned. Thankfully, the new legal […]